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WBZ300, 400, 500T mobile stabilized soil mixing station

WBZ300, 400, 500T mobile stabilized soil mixing station

Mobile stabilized soil mixing plant

Model specifications: WBZ300T/WBZ400T/WBZ500T

Production rate: 300/400/500 t/h

Aggregate diameter: ≤60mm

Towing speed: <15km/h

The integrated machine for stabilized soil mixing plant is also called mobile stabilized soil mixing plant. The main parts are concentrated into a whole, and a series of main components such as the main engine, batching system, mixing system, control system, weighing system, etc. are all set in one On the movable unit, the main mixing unit is located below the storage hopper of the batching machine. The aggregate is weighed and directly enters the mixing main unit. The finished product after mixing is discharged through the conveyor to the discharge port at the tail. The integrated machine of stabilized soil mixing station can quickly realize site transfer by trailer towing, and is quick to install. After reaching the destination, it can be quickly put into production after stopping. This product is suitable for medium-scale construction sites, concrete precast parts plants and commercial concrete manufacturing plants.

型号规格 WBZ-300T WBZ-400T WBZ-500T
生产率 300t/h 400t/h 500t/h
骨料直径 ≤60mm ≤60mm ≤60mm
骨料仓储存量 1×9m³+ 2×5m³ 1×9m³+ 2×5m³  
成品料仓储存量 1.2m³    
骨料计量精度范围(kg)/精度 容积计量    
水计量精度范围(kg)/精度 <±1%-±2%    
水泥计量精度范围(kg)/精度 <±1%    
搅拌机转速 93r/min    
总功率 65Kw    
整机功率 37Kw    
拖行速度 <15km/h <15km/h <15km/h